Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor Chip


Atom temperature digital sensor chip is a high-precision digital and analog mixed signal temperature sensor chip, which can be widely used in warehousing, cold chain, medical electronics, heat meters, gas meters, mobile phones, smart wearable devices, smart homes and other consumer electronics products. For different scenarios, the temperature sensor chip can be divided into contact type and infrared heat sensor. This type of sensor IC usually requires temperature calibration and running algorithms.

Atom semiconductor use unique design technology, which has the advantages of smaller size, higher accuracy, and wider applicable voltage. Through on-chip processing, high-accuracy temperature sensing and extremely small temperature drift can be achieved. The measurement range is wide and can reach between -40° ~ 120°, and the measurement accuracy can reach ±0.1° , supporting harsh environments. The existing products are as follows:

Part Number Description Power Supply(V) Power Consumption Accuracy Package
ASD1101DIR High Accuracy Local Temperature Sensor 1.8~5.5 162uW(min) ±0.1℃@-20℃~ +50℃ DFN-6

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