Atom Semiconductor’s chip products are mainly divided into two major product areas: Digital sensor chips for IoT applications, and ADC chips for analog sensors and general electronics.

Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor Chip

Atom Semiconductor has digital chip technology to sense temperature and humidity covering all precision levels. Atom sensors include on-chip DSP, which can provide the most precision measurement. Atom’s products have outstanding low-power consumption. Atom’s chips have versatile digital interfaces for convenient connection with embedded systems. These sensors can be widely used in warehousing, cold chain, medical electronics, heat meters, gas meters, mobile phones, smart wearable devices, smart homes and other consumer electronics products.

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Digital Pressure Sensor Chip

Atom Semiconductor provides digital pressure sensor chip with very high sensitivity. The chips are equipped with robust on-chip DSP to detect the minuscule touch reliably. Atom’s pressure sensor has outstanding low-power consumption. These sensors are ideally for consumer electronic devices and industrial electronic devices.

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Digital Optical Sensor Chip

Atom Semiconductor has digital sensor chip technology for photons. Atom’s digital optical sensor chips include delicate analog processing circuitry and powerful DSP on-chip to provide very precise photon measurement capability. Besides common imaging, Atom’s digital optical sensor chips can be widely used in optical characterization in applications such as X-ray, motors, and Lidar.

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