Atom Semiconductor is established in September 2020. It is a fabless IC design company focusing on mixed-signal sensors. Atom is a hardcore technology company with world-leading chip technology. Company’s chip products can be widely applied in consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, and communication electronic products.

Atom’s vision is to provide chip solution to support key customers’ innovation in the Internet-of-Everything (IoE) era. As the electronic technology innovation speeds up, chip technology increasingly become the key differentiator in this whole-new IoE world. Atom develops novel chips with higher performance, lower power consumption, with higher-level of integration.

Atom was originated from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST) with HKUST being one of the partners. We have been invested by a group of major funds. Currently, we have an international team with veteran experts from top IC companies and young PHD talents from world-top universities. Atom has an open international culture with strong commitment to technology, diversity and equality.


In the future, Atom Semiconductor will adhere to the service concept of “technological innovation, customer first”, continue to surpass, lay a foundation, radiate the world, bring more innovative and competitive products and customized services at home and abroad, and strive to lead the way. Sense the future of chip technology.